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Recent Lectures
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Help Build a Masjid in the Hills!

Masha’Allah $300,000 raised!

The HDMS community came together last night for an extraordinary gathering of members who not only pledged their savings but we also had 3 sisters who gave up their Wedding rings and Jewelry for the sake of Allah!

May Allah SWT Bless these blessed souls!

Please enjoy the video and feel free to continue to donate generously:

Bank Details
Account Name: Hills District Muslim Society Inc
BSB: 062347
Account Number: 10596680



School Holiday Soccer Camp for Boys 7-14 yrs‏


Assalamu alaykum Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Masha’Allah the first ever HDMS youth Soccer Camp was a huge success and ended on a high note with all participants and teachers rewarded for their awesome efforts! May Allah Reward Everyone involved!


Hills Quran Academy-Term 4, 2015‏

Term three of the Hills Quran Academy 2015 will inshallah commence on Monday 27th of 2015.
Sheikh Saleh will be back inshaALLAH to teach Quran/Arabic classes for Term 3, 2015. The dates for the Quran classes Term 3 are outlined below:

Sunday 10am-12pm

First class will be Sunday 2nd of August -2015

Monday 5pm-7pm
Wednesday 5pm-7pm

First class will be Monday 27th of July 2015
Tuesdays 7pm-9pm

First class will be Tuesday 28th of July-2015

Thursday 7pm-9pm

First class will be Thursday 30th of July- 2015

Saturday after Fajr at Dural

First class will be Saturday 1st of August – 2015

Payments for Term 3. Please pay for the full Term (7 weeks @ $10 per class) into our account below and send payment remittance to or pay by cash on the day to Br. Karim. If paying online or via cash deposit please ensure you mention “Quran class” in the description to assist in financial reporting and compliance.

Bank: Commonwealth Bank (CBA)
BSB: 062890
Account Number: 10025180
Account Name: Hills District Muslim Society Inc

As the Hills Quran Program is funded by HDMS, please ensure payments are made promptly to ensure the sustainability and the continuity of this program inshaALLAH.


 IMPORTANT Hills Masjid Update 2

Assalamu alaykum Dear Brothers and sisters

Dear HDMS Family, I am sending this email per my commitment to keep you posted and engaged, step by step, on the endeavour of attaining our centre and masjid in the Hills inshaaALLAH. On the 5th of July, at our community Iftar, I promised that not only the committee will continue their hard work at this front, but also we will keep you updated on what is happening.

Alhamdulillah, this rare opportunity in front of all of us now is a huge 7.5 acres, yes over 33,000 sqm, with the massive infrastructure on the land, with massive car park, 4 buildings, a huge restaurant  plus the nursery gardens.  Potential to make our own child care centre, for example, and potentially other projects to make this centre self-sustainable!, yes, so we won’t need to keep fundraising again and again.  I personally visited the property on Eid Day only a week ago and below is a brief overview of our visit:

Alhamdulillah I got an overwhelming verbal support at Eid Salat, without a single voice against this property. However, email/written pledges have been very low, only ~20, although we needed 800-1000 pledges.

This amount of written pledges gave the HDMS committee a limited degree of flexibility in our offer.

So yes we did put forward an offer of 5.55M$ but with a lots of conditions to minimize the risk of losing our deposit.

I think without large number of commitments from all of us, it will be nearly impossible to get a decent property in the current market.

Now if we want a masjid in the Hills, here is the opportunity! It is a big challenge, but doable.

Let the Muslims of the Hills District show ALLAH SWT the unity, sincerity and determination to make a difference for ourselves and our children, if we need to protect our identity and our deen.  We want to show the rest of the wider community, our mercy, our beautiful deen, what we can give back.

I believe that we have much better value-add to offer to the community than denouncing terrorism and the like.  You will be sacrificing few 1000 dollars today, to protect everything you have tomorrow!

Let us do it inshaaALLAH, not because it is easy, but because it is hard!  Please send your serious pledges to us URGENTLY so we can understand the capacity of our community and better negotiate this great opportunity at hand.   We need to move fast and move together; email or text your pledge to 0404 488 714 with your name.

We will only collect funds if we pay a deposit on this property after negotiating a favourable deal.

Sheikh Hassan Elsetohy

HDMS President


Help us Build a Masjid in the Hills!

Bank Details
Account Name: Hills District Muslim Society Inc
BSB: 062347
Account Number: 10596680

 Video: I have a Dream of a Masjid in the Hills!


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